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Enjoy our fantasy suites!

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Special Occasion? Have a Party with Sexy Bunnies! 

A birthday, retirement, or even your anniversary is a great excuse to come party with us at Hunny Bunny!

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Feeling horny in the morning? We can help you with that from 8:00am. Please make an appointment the day before. 

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24시간 운영 - 매일, 매일

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Whisky & Yogurt

Nadia & Whisky

Our Bunnies love to cuddle!

J Da

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우리 위치

14/4 Sukhumvit Soi 33, 방콕 태국

soi 33 또는 별도의 후면 출입구를 통해 진입하십시오.  하위 토지 뒤에

(호자 대만 국수 옆)

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